Policies & Procedures

Privacy Policy

  • The collection of information is necessary to provide, evaluate, and optimize our services to you or your company. Information that is collected from you or your company is used for the sole purpose of providing our services.

  • Any information collected or that may be collected from you or your company will not be shared or sold to any outside third parties unless authorized by you or your company or requested by law.

  • Any sensitive information, such as credit card data, is guaranteed to be secured when shared through our website, email, or phone call. This type of information may also be deleted from our records upon request of the client.

Services Procedures

Each service procedure is charged independently but specials or packages may apply.

  • Fee For Service Payments:  Payments will be collected at the beginning of the month for monthly fees. The client will receive an invoice with the services to be provided for the next month. Then the client will have 5 business days to provide the payment.

  • If the client fails to provide payment within 5 business days, the monthly service will then be cancelled, and further actions will be applied to collect payment for 5 days of posting.

  • Set-up fees may be applied for specific monthly services.

Website Design and Management: The process of web design begins when the client provides the initial information necessary to build the website. Prior to the launch of the website, it will be authorized by the client to make sure it meets their expectations. Depending on the number of pages requested by the client for the website, the project will be delivered ready for authorization within 10 to 20 business days. The client will be given 2 chances to suggest all the changes to be made before the launch. If the client requests more changes, additional fees will be applied. Once the client approves the website, if requested, the ownership will then be transferred to the client along with the hosting and domain name. Management services are offered upon request of the client, and its fees will vary depending on the type of changes and additions the client might request. The conditions of our Website Design and Management services are:

  • We do not work on websites built by any outside third-party companies.

  • The content to be provided by the client must be submitted in a form that does not require any conversion. For instance, any visual content must be provided as a JPG, PNG, GIF, or a BMP file.

  • Any additional apps requested by the client to be functional in the website may be subject to additional fees, for they might be provided by third-party developers.

  • If a client requests any content (text or visual) to be created by us rather than providing it, additional fees will apply.

  • All content, updates, or technical support must be provided and/or requested through admin@digitalprofitsup.com

  • Our services may be limited to certain businesses.

  • Any updates or support requested may be done within 4 business days.

  • Prior to the client providing the initial information to start the website, we require a 50% payment of the total amount of the website. Once website is approved to go live, he/she will have 5 business days to provide the remaining balance then website will go live.

Social Media Management: Our services include the entire process from creation of profiles to content posting. The type of content will be limited by the social media platform and the client. If a client requests more content than the recommended by us, additional fees will apply. Reports and evaluations will be sent by the end of each month showing the results of the different platforms through that month. Any type of marketing (even through social media platforms) will not be included in this service.

Digital Marketing: Each Digital Marketing service will be charged individually unless specials or packages apply. Reports and evaluations will be sent by the end of the month showing the details of each service. By the end of the month, clients can move the budget between campaigns among the different services in progress. Any changes suggested/requested by the beginning or the middle of the month by the client will be applied for the next month.